Is LinkedIn Recruiter Worth It?

Is LinkedIn Recruiter worth it for your recruitment needs? It’s essential to make an informed decision for your hiring strategies. Read about the program here to learn more.

Is LinkedIn Recruiter Worth It (An Honest Review)
Written by
Lorin Parrella
Published on
17 Oct 2023

LinkedIn has long been a go-to platform for recruiters and businesses looking to connect with potential candidates. However, whether LinkedIn Recruiter is worth the investment is crucial, especially in a market with various recruitment tools and platforms. Is LinkedIn Recruiter worth it? Below, we explore the pros and cons of the platform to help you make an informed decision.

What is LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter is a software program that helps streamline the talent acquisition process. It has many prominent features, including recommended matches that suggest potential hires considered by job requirements and advanced search features to pinpoint potential candidates. The program boasts a more efficient hiring process, accurate matches, and in-depth analytics. Because it is a tool offered directly from LinkedIn, it seamlessly integrates with the program

What’s Included

LinkedIn boasts a user base of over 950 million professionals, offering an extensive pool of potential candidates. LinkedIn Recruiter provides advanced search filters, enabling recruiters to pinpoint candidates based on specific skills, experience, and location. Recruiters can even further specify their searches by including job titles. These search filters help you streamline your recruitment process, saving time and effort. You will also have access to detailed candidate insights. LinkedIn Recruiter gives users access to comprehensive analytics, enabling users to make decisions driven by data and optimize recruitment processes. 

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

There is a “lite” version for those unsure about the full-fledged version. The lite version was designed as an “entry-level” program for smaller companies and doesn’t offer the full extent of the premium version. While you can access the same tools as the full version, they will be less powerful and precise. Generally, information for candidates will be less detailed, and the search filters will be less specific. That means you’ll have to spend more time searching for your perfect candidate. 


This will be the deciding factor for some businesses. Small businesses and solo practitioners might hesitate to use LinkedIn Recruiter due to the cost and operating under a limited budget. Upgrading to the premium version will set you back around $835 a month or almost $9,000 annually*. This can be a considerable drawback to some people. The service is relatively expensive and is a significant consideration. The lite version is $140 a month, or $1,440.


Companies will have a limited amount of InMail that can be sent monthly—150 for the premium version and 30 for the lite version. Since every company has the same amount of InMail, it can be challenging to stand out in the inbox of potential candidates. While LinkedIn Recruiter offers fantastic features, mastering their full extent will require time and effort. Recruiters and hiring managers must invest time in understanding the platform’s intricacies to make the most of it. Some users may struggle initially with the software, but it has a decent learning curve

Is LinkedIn Recruiter Worth It?

In the realm of recruitment, LinkedIn Recruiter undeniably offers a wealth of opportunities. Its vast talent pool, advanced search capabilities, and communication channels are powerful tools for any recruiter. However, the decision to invest in LinkedIn Recruiter should be based on your hiring needs, budget constraints, and the nature of the roles you want to fill. Is LinkedIn Recruiter worth it? For businesses with the financial means, it can be a valuable asset. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite might be worth considering for companies with a stricter budget. If you’re on the fence about the program, try utilizing the free trial and explore the software before committing. Making an informed decision is essential to get the most value out of your recruitment efforts. 

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