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We are 100% focused on connecting with the nation's best recruiters.
The recruiting lions.

Our story

After years of building a solid reputation in the Staffing Industry as a recruiter himself, our CEO, Cam Green, recognized the need to assist staffing agencies with filling hard-to-find recruiting roles.

Through our experienced Rec2Rec team, we understand the experience, expertise, drive, and character needed to be a great recruiter. Utilizing the latest AI methods, we have amassed a network of the industry’s best recruiters. From there, we provide a personalized experience, offering bespoke solutions to solve the employment issues of recruiting companies nationwide.

Our mission

We aim to bring Emotional Intelligence back into the recruiting industry. Mixing AI with your own personal recruiting team, we are able to deliver better Rec2Rec solutions. Whether client or candidate, you’re not just a number when you work with us, but a person with a purpose and goals. We are in this together!

Our values

Pursuit of Excellence. Everything we do is done with the aim of making the hiring experience better. Whether it’s engaging AI to speed up the process or taking extra time to understand changes in your business so we can be proactive in meeting your hiring needs, we know how important it is to do the right thing. There are no shortcuts when it comes to providing the ideal person for your team. We honor everyone we work with by actively listening to their needs and keeping communication channels open and honest. By focusing on this value above all, we can honor our assurances to clients and candidates.

Meet our professional team

For decades, our team cultivated and immersed themselves in understanding the requirements and unique aspects of different trades and industries so we can help you find the “best of the best” to employ for yourselves!

Our Staff

Cam Green


Elena Heuk

Operations Manager

Nick Morin

Senior Placement Specialist

Megan Lindsey

Senior Placement Specialist

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When Frequently Asked Questions aren’t enough, know that we are 100% committed to answering all your most pressing concerns. You can call, email, or direct message us at any time, and we will always get back to you promptly.